Regional Dishes

When visiting Ferrara you will have the opportunity to taste the typical dishes of Ferrara. You will find them served in many of the local restaurants. On the menu are also several other typical recipes of this area of the Emilia Romagna Province. Traditions go back more than 500 years when the Estense dynasty ruled over the Ferrara city and their court was famous all over Europe.

Traditional dishes are:

Salama da sugo, Cappellacci, Tenerina/chocolate cake
Salame zia Ferrarese, Maccheroni pastry, wine from the Bosco Eliceo, and of course the tipical shaped Ferrarese bread (Coppia ferrarese)

Local specialties

Unique Ferrarese dishes

Ferrara offers a variety of gastronomic excellences like Cappellacci di Zucca, Salame da Sugo and the famous shaped bread of Ferrara: la Coppia.